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Your Drug-Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

"Author and Homeopathic Doctor Heather Caruso guides you through the potential underlying causes to inappropriate weight gain while helping you to discover a deeper motivation to succeed. Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss educates and inspires and is perfect for those who have experienced unsuccessful battle of weight loss through fad diets and who are ready to dedicate themselves to excellent health and optimal body composition while using the power of natural medicine."
Bryce Wylde HD, TV host, Wylde On Health Author of The Antioxidant Prescription


Purchase Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss and learn how to take control of your weight by discovering your obstacles to weight loss. Learn how to eat, feel satisfied, stop food cravings and lose weight. There is an outline of a weight loss formula with protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios that help your lose excess weight. Also learn about good and bad fats. Which fats are healthy choices and which add to weight gain. It also explains the importance of eating according to the glycemic index and which foods are low, medium an high glycemic. There is no quick fix in weight loss, but a slow and steady weight loss leads to long term success and improved health.



  • Natural Remedies to Treat the Symptoms of the Common Barriers that Cause Weight Gain
  • Homeopathic Philosophy and Prescribing Methodology
  • Understanding Homeopathic Self-Prescribing
  • The Importance of Diet and Its Role in Weight Gain, Loss and Disease Prevention
  • The reasons that people have chronic problems with their weight



Learn about the psychology of weight loss and how to wrap your mind around weight loss to stay focused on your goal. Read about the common barriers to weight loss and natural solutions to treat their symptoms. Some common barriers are blood sugar instability (such as hypoglycemia, syndrome X or insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes) thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance (menopausal weight gain, polycystic ovarian syndrome and weight gain) stress eating, emotional eating, food allergies and candida. It outlines how chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia make you gain weight.


Dear Friend,
I'm Heather Caruso, B.Sc., a Homeopath with a Clinical Practice in Ontario, Canada. I originally became interested in homeopathy when a family member of mine fell ill. With the conventional approach, I quickly found that there was no real prevention or counselling on how to remove obstacles creating ill health. This is when I decided to seek alternative treatments for my family. I was really impressed with the time and care alternative treatment providers took to listen. They did not just want to hear about the disease, but energy, sleep patterns, appetite, digestion, diet and lifestyle.

In 1996, I decided to change my career to become a homeopath, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since then, I have been in private practice for over 17years, became a holistic nutritionist and studied homeopathic cardiology. It has been a privilidge to study with many renowned Homeopathic doctors.

Now, after more than 17 years of being a Homeopathic Doctor and studying the latest nutritional research, I have written about the many reasons that people gain weight and how to break through barriers to weight loss by identifying them and supporting your unique condition. I know you will find this book useful, whether you want to lose 50 pounds or just 5. It will help you stay healthy, fit, lose a few pounds and reduce your incidence of disease. Enjoy!