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Interestingly, it has been known that eating foods with cholesterol doesn't create high cholesterol. Also high cholesterol has been questionable as a cause of heart disease. However, a recent study proves what many people already knew, that eggs don't cause heart disease. The yolk is full of good nutrition and although it contains a bit of cholesterol it also contains choline, which is good for the brain and liver. Those who take statin drugs for high cholesterol run into problems in the body with organs that require healthy fats and cholesterol, such as the nervous system, skin and every cell of the body. Each cell in our body communicates through a cholesterol lipid layer. Thus we need healthy fats to be healthy. It appears that eggs are quite healthy too, read on

Interestingly, scientists have found that mucous helps to protect the organism from harm and displace yeast overgrowth. Make note that the scientist is in the midst of researching how to increase mucous. Probiotics, such as acidophilus and bifidobacteria are used to increase intestinal mucous lining.

In the clinic we typically address candida or yeast overgrowth by addressing antibiotic use, adjusting diet, improving blood sugar and removing any other causes. Probiotics are definately a good start.

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In the clinic we see people with heartburn and reflux and treat them naturally. We offer them a variety of tests to determine what the cause is and apply a natural fix to it, whether it be to avoid food allergies, irritating foods, improve their beneficial flora by taking or probiotic or replacing missing minerals or vitamins. An interesting study posted in the journal "Microbiome" found that antacid medication such as prilosec and nexium disprupt a person's natural beneficial bacteria in the gut and intestinal tract. Good bacteria displaces bad bacteria in our system. This is why those who take antacid medications are more apt to develop the deadly diarrhea bug called c. difficile. Read on