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The Caruso Homeopathy Blog

Homeopathic remedies are suited to one's unique set of symptoms, two people with the same diagnosis will require different remedies depending on their needs. In psychological issues, Homeopathy doesn't take the place of proper counseling or therapy but can help one feel more balanced within themselves. In the case of low self esteem, the remedies may vary but here are a few common ones:

Baryta carb types are shy, reserved and feels inferior. They hide from strangers. They tend to be slower mentally and may act childish. They are dependent on others and cannot make decisions easily.

Lac Caninum is a remedy who hates themselves, they feel very inferior. They feel ugly, unclean and stupid. They feel ignored, neglected and beaten down like a dog. They have dark depression and blame themselves. They also tend to have rage, hatred and blame others. They can be malicious types.

Silicea is a type that is weak willed, timid and irresolute. They can be stubborn or have fixed attitudes about things. They care about other's opinions and try and live up to a certain image.

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