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High Creatinine can be related to a natural waste product that comes from using our muscles. It is found in the blood and urine and is processed out of the kidneys. Speak to your doctor about the causes of high creatinine, it may be temporary or related to a kidney disorder. The webpage, medical news today, offers some quick diet tips to lower creatinine such as:

Reducing protein intake, especially cooked red meat.

Increasing dietary fiber. According to a review in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dietary fibre helped people with chronic kidney disease lower their creatinine levels.

Be careful not to become dehydrated. Take in plenty of fluids. If you dislike water, put a slice of lime, lemon or orange in it. Also herbal teas help.

Avoid creatine based supplements for body building. They use it for muscle energy, but if unused it has to be processed in the kidneys.

Certain herbs can be used in tea form or standardized, such as salvia, nettle leaf, dandelion, astragalus, ginseng, chamomile, cinnamon and chicory. Be sure to check with your doctor for drug interactions.

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