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     Many people develop issues with urinary leakage. It can be quite severe in some cases and just a mild nuisance in others. The causes of urinary incontinence can be related to a number of conditions such as:

  • pelvic floor weakness, due to shifts in weight or pregnancy
  • prolapsed rectum, bladder or uterus
  • constipation
  • parasites
  • food allergies or excesses, which are typically alcohol, sugar, citrus fruits, chili peppers, chocolate, aspartame
  • medications such as diuretics, sedatives and muscle relaxants
  • supplements like vitamin B6, vitamin C and herbs that are diuretics like dandelion and nettle for example
  • diabetic complication called neurogenic bladder
  • urinary tract infections
  • enlarged prostate

      Some people with pelvic floor weakness do kegel exercises or see a physiotherapist with good results. If there is a prolapse often people will go for surgery or physiotherapy and urinary incontinence diminishes. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful for urinary leakage when the right remedies are found. Homeopathy is a medicine that is suited to one’s unique symptom picture, so two people suffering with symptoms of a leaky bladder may require different remedies according to their symptoms. Homeopathic medicines help the person suffering from their unique symptoms not just the name of the disease. Homeopathic medicine in a potency higher than 6CH does not carry any side effects. There are many remedies for this condition but here are a few that are most commonly indicated:

Baryta Carb is suited to elderly men who may suffer from prostate enlargement. They may have dribbling and frequent urination. They pass a lot of urine at night. They may be worse from emotions, cold air and dampness.

Causticum is a useful remedy for stress incontinence. They have involuntary urination on coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose and so on. They may lose their urine during the first part of their sleep. Urine may dribble or pass slowly. In general these types feel better on a rainy day, and from cold drinks. They are worse with clear, cold and dry air.

Conium is a useful remedy for urinary troubles linked to an enlarged prostate gland. These types have difficulty beginning to urinate. Their urine flow may be interrupted, stopping and starting and better when standing. It helps in particular in old men with an enlarged prostate and dribbling urine. These types feel worse from alcohol and being celibate.

Equisetum is a great remedy for urinary frequency in the elderly, especially women. They may wake frequently to urinate. Kidneys may be weak and sensitive from the use of diuretics. They have frequent urination and pain in the right kidney and may have pain at the end of urination.

Kreosotum types must hurry when they have a desire to urinate. There is a sensation of pressing down on the bladder. They have to hurry or they will have an accident. They may have involuntary urination on lying down or coughing. Their urine is offensive, dark and they may have violent itching of the vulvar area when urinating.

Pulsatilla types have urging to urinate. They may have a spasmodic pain after urination. They may lose their urine when coughing, passing gas or at night. They may feel worse when angry and have bedwetting. This remedy is suited to young girls who feel worse in a warm room, eating fatty foods and around menstrual periods. They are better with gentle motion, cool and open air.

Sepia types have problems with urination due to prolapse. They feel the need to cross their legs to prevent a protrusion of the bladder or uterus. The bladder feels weak, and they may lose their urine when they sneeze, cough, laugh or have a startling fright.

Squilla have great urging to urinate. Much watery urine that is involuntary when coughing. They have frequent calls to urinate at night and pass large quantities of urine.

     As you can see homeopathic medicine is very individualized and two people may get different remedies depending on their unique symptom picture. In an ideal world, everyone would have access to a homeopath and a medical doctor and they don’t disparage the other person’s treatment. This way the patient can have the best of both worlds.

     In my years of practice, I have treated many people with urinary incontinence. It amazes me that even in some severe cases in time, they get improvements. It is best to seek the help of a qualified homeopath rather than self prescribing. The beauty of homeopathy is that it can work in conjunction with these medications so that the patient can have the best of both worlds to experience their best outcome using homeopathy.

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