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Top 10 Keys to Cultivate Happiness

       I recently had a conversion with a good friend who works in the mental health field. We spoke about personalities and how some people seem cheerful even when life hands them the proverbial lemons. This wise woman said it may be part of a person’s nature and personality to react in a good, negative or balanced way but every person is responsible to cultivate their own happiness. Cultivate, means in gardening to grow or in general to develop or acquire a skill, for happiness.

     This concept of “cultivating happiness” really resonated because most busy people get into a groove of just existing, going through mundane tasks day after day and forgetting the things that bring joy into the routine. Herein are some easy tips starting from simple mind techniques, looking at lifestyle and ending in correcting unique nutritional imbalances. In a great majority of cases, a simple mind shift, healthy habits, like getting enough sleep and eating whole foods are enough. When it is not enough, correcting any unique nutritional needs is paramount to every person’s health and feelings of well being.

      Here are the top 10 ways to cultivate happiness:

  1. Wake each day and find something to be grateful for. Even being grateful for small things is a start. It sets the day up for appreciation. Count these proverbial blessings no matter how small.
  2. Don’t take things too seriously. Make a mistake? Have a flaw pointed out? Use it for a learning experience or accept that we are all human. Earth school is about, learning and growing.
  3. Keep friends who are supportive and have others best interest at heart. Limit experience with negativity and dream stealers. Finding a group of friends whom one admires, finds comfort in and is uplifted by their company is key. It is hard to fly with the eagles whilst scratching with the turkeys.
  4. Have pursuits or hobbies that are fulfilling. Not everyone has a dream job, but everyone can fill themselves with joy and love. View or make art, listen to or compose music, dance, sight see, volunteer to help others, garden, pet cats or dogs, be active in church. Healthy and fulfilling pursuits takes one away the mundane, stimulates the mind and gives one a break. If one is lucky, their hobbies will also increase positive social interactions with other worthwhile people.
  5. Become physically active even in little ways. Human beings are not to be sedentary. Taking a simple brisk walk increases pain relief and feel good hormones called endorphins. It improves lymphatic drainage, heart health and mood. Any activity is worthwhile, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, aerobics, cleaning, gardening, yoga, tai chi etc. The choice is yours and exercise is cumulative, it doesn’t have to be done all at once, even in 10 minute increments, three times a day over the day counts. Start where you are at.
  6. Aim to get a good night’s sleep. Set a sleep schedule. Sleep in a dark room. Don’t take caffeine after morning and don’t eat too late. Don’t watch upsetting or stimulating news or television right before bed. Exert enough energy during the day, to tire you for evening. These things all influence sleep. If one needs further support try remedies like calcium and/or magnesium, passionflower, valerian, holy basil, skullcap or melatonin for a good nights sleep. Many sleepy time teas contain these herbs.
  7. Accept where one is now. If there are goals, getting a better job, going through relationship changes, recovering from an injury, starting on healthy eating journey, quitting smoking, recovering from alcoholism, or whatever, know that Rome was not built in a day. Celebrate small victories and know that every seed planted makes a difference and one will bloom in time.
  8. Take only whole foods and a balanced diet. When one’s diet focuses mainly on fast, sugary or prepackaged foods, both the body and mind acquire very little nutrition. It gains empty filling calories. It can also cause cravings due to their addictive nature. Fast and prepackaged foods hinder good health, a positive mood and focus. Some types of fats such as trans fats and oxidized fats, create inflammation and may actually block the receptor for healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids which are good for brain, nerves and mood. Alcohol actually depletes the body of happy nutrients, such as magnesium, chromium, b vitamins, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids. Thus over doing it with booze can definitely make someone’s mood worse. Instead, eat a diet that focuses on whole grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, legumes, fish and little meat. Don’t drink calories, take water and eat three squares. Food contains phytonutrients and biochemical messages that can carry both positive and negative messages for every cell in our body. It is amazing how a person’s mood can be altered by diet. For some it is easier to change their religion than their diet. Take steps daily to improve and simply do your best and forget the rest.
  9. Everyone has a unique biochemistry. At the Caruso Clinic, each person’s unique nutritional needs are met and determined with testing. If certain nutrients are lacking, a regime may be prescribed to best support optimal health. We don’t recommend taking standard vitamins from the drug store, most of them are poorly absorbed and unnecessary. Taking unnecessary vitamins, minerals or herbs is hard on a person’s body and their liver. In fact often people will have high liver enzymes when they take a lot of supplements they don’t need. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, if the liver is unwell, people tend to feel more irritable and angry. However when people support their organs, body and mind, by replacing missing nutrients they will feel right within themselves and happier.
  10. Lastly, if the above steps to cultivate happiness is not enough, there is deep grief, depression or any other imbalance, consider a constitutional remedy. This is a remedy that is suited to one’s unique set of symptoms, emotional, mental or physical. It doesn’t change ones nature of the situation but it can improve one’s well being and make one feel more grounded within themselves.

If you would like more information on how we can help increase a positive mood by improving diet, having an individualized nutritional protocol and/or a constitutional remedy, please contact us for more info.