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The Caruso Homeopathy Blog

      Being a homeopath and nutritionist for the past 20 years, I like any other person get the odd cold, cough or sinus infection. However, in doing what I do I treat myself with natural remedies. My son brought home a cough from school. It it has went through our household. Yesterday I started with very dry and sore throat. Today it has progressed into a productive cough.

 Here is how I typically address my own ailments:

First sign of sore throat or cough, give the indicated homeopathic remedy, oftentimes for me it is Ferrum Phos or Aconitum. Homeopathic remedies are suited to people's symptoms. However, this time I should have taken something on the first day, but I was not home to take remedies and it progressed to a cough. Often one of these two remedies are all that I need.

I will prescribe based on symptoms. For example, dry throat, hoarseness of throat, dry cough, cough better after drinking. The remedy in this case is phosphorus.

If the virus is strong I will take a couple of remedies from St Francis Herb Farm, such as VIRAFECT and RESPIRAFECT as directed. One helps with viruses and the other one helps with coughs and respiratory bugs.

I also bump up my vitamin C, zinc and probiotics, all of these things help the immune system.

Thus far I have been able to fight off any cold, flu, ear ache or sinus infection naturally without the use of antibiotics.

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