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In homeopathy, our forefathers often used mother tinctures. These are herbal preparations made from herbs in order to treat certain ailments. Some remedies work better in a herbal tincture potency and some work better when prepared and diluted homeopathically.

One remedy that is excellent for colds and flu is a  little known herb called Quillaya Saponaria, or Chile Soap Bark Tree. This is a tincture of the dried bark. This remedy is most effective for the beginning of colds, coryza and sore throats. It is good for a sensation of heat and dryness and pain in the throat, runny nose and sneezing. It is suited to coughing when no mucous comes up, it is dry. Quillaya will often effectively check a cold and prevent further development.

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This holiday season, I have had a lot of clients calling me with acute viruses. Homeopathy is great for acutes and I treat many families when they suffer with symptoms of cold, flu, sinusitis, earaches and coughs. One thing to consider is that if you tend to get sick around the holidays, be aware that eating sweets and candies can contribute to lingering viruses. It is just like kids who get sick from a birthday sleepover, who have overindulged in goodies and come home ill. 

When my clients have a cold coming on, one herbal remedy that works well is called "cold fx". Often a pill or two of that and the cold goes away. However, some people cannot tolerate this herb or need more individualized homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are suited to people's symptoms not a disease name, for example:

The remedy called allium cepa has the following symptoms:

  • frequent sneezing
  • running watery eyes and nose
  • burning eyes and nose
  • tightness in the root of the nose
  • tickling cough
  • better when outdoors
  • chilly

Ferrum Phos is another great homeopathic remedy that is good for the first signs of a cold:

  • red hot cheeks
  • low temperature fever
  • sluggishness
  • suited to anemic types
  • physical and mental fatigue

Aconite is good for first signs of cold:

  • cold from exposure to cold wind
  • skin is dry and hot
  • person feels anxious and nervous
  • restlessness and anxiety
  • fevers

Take these remedies in a 30CH potency, four pellets under the tongue, in between meals, up to three times per day.The cold symptoms should disipate after a few days. If your symptoms persist, contact us for a homeopathic tune up, at