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Over the years, in the clinic, we have seen a lot of children with ADD and ADHD symptoms. Some of these children's symptoms benefit from a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Other children do best with dietary changes, avoiding food sensitivities and supplementing with missing vitamins or minerals in their diet. Each child has a regime suited to their particular needs. Interestingly, a small study showed that children treated with single homeopathic remedies improved over the course of one year, whereas the other group of children that only received that same amount of time did not.

A comparative consecutive case series of 20 children with a diagnosis of ADHD receiving homeopathic treatment, compared with 10 children receiving usual care Read more

An interesting article asking if "Can Homeopathy Treat Cancer?" highlights that indeed yes, some of the research points in that direction. Homeopathic remedies are suited to one's symptom picture and there are many remedies that help with the symptoms of cancer, herein they mention some research on it. Read more

Interestingly a study of 4700 diabetic patients found that they were low in vitamin D. Interestingly some people with poor liver function are low in vitamin D as well because it is a fat soluble vitamin and being low in bile from the liver, inhibits one's vitamin D absorption. Another issue at hand could be that those with diabetes may not be as active as other people, and have less sun exposure. Read more on the study, click here.

A study of the herb Terminella Chebula found that the herb is helpful in cases of breast cancer. All the potencies, MT3X,6C and 30C, reduced growth kinetics of breast cancer cells, more specifically at 1:10 dilution at 24, 48 and 72 hours. More research is needed in vitro and vivo.

Evaluating the anticancer activity and nanoparticulate nature of homeopathic preparations of Terminalia chebula (TC), Kirtee Wani et al,

A recent study, published in the JAMA, of 544 volunteers, who reported their dietary habits weekly for four years, found that eating fish and other seafood at least once a week helps to lower the risk of alzheimer's disease. 286 participants volunteered for a brain biopsy after death. The tissue samples found that despite having higher amounts of mercury in the brain due to fish consumption, less markers of parkinson's disease were presents such as lewy bodies and other pathological signs. Even people with the ApoE4 genotype which leads to a higher incidence of parkinson's, benefited from higher fish constumption.

JAMA, 2016: 315 (5): 489-97

A very interesting paper, written on using "Heteroisopathy in supportive cancer care" by J.L. Bagot, published in Homeopathy, (2016), 105, 119-125 found that side effects of cancer drugs may be helped by using homeopathic medicines prepared with the drug of choice and administered. The homeopathics were shown to greatly reduce side effects in the sensitive patient. How great is that? This is where the patient gets the best of both worlds.

A homeopathic complex, prepared in Brazil called "M1" was adminisitered to mice in an interesting study. M1 is a homeopathic medicine that has immunostimulatory properties. Interestingly mice who were treated with the M1 as opposed to those treated with a placebo, found that it was efficient at reducing pulmonary metastasis and melanoma.

Source: "Inhalation therapy with M1 inhibits experimental melanom development and metastasis in mice" Andreade et al, Homeopathy, (2016) 105, 109-118

An interesting study found that the homeopathic medicines S. officionalis 9CH, Calcarea Carb 30CH and Tricalcarea 4CH improve bone tropism in chickens. 

Source: "Bone computed tomography mineral content evaluation in chickens: effects of substances in homeopathic concentration", Canello et al, Homeopathy (2016), 105, 92-96

An interesting study called "Open Label observational study of the homeopathic complex medicine passiflora compose for anxiety and sleep disorders", by Villet et al, published in the journal Homeopathy, found that out of 639 patients many responded well to homeopathic treatment. 85.4% of them suffered with anxiety and 74% had anxiety with sleep disturbance. Both anxiety and sleeplessness improved significantly in patients included in this study. The results suggest the this complex may be a viable option to psychotropic medications.

~

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, such as Ibuprofen, have been a long-time trusted pain-killer for those who especially suffered from arthritis and muscular aches, including menstrual cramps. However, scientific literature has been available since 2005 that says that Ibuprofen may not be as safe as once thought. Numerous studies have linked the popular over-the-counter pain relief aid to cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and other health maladies, including bleeding gastric ulcers and gastritis. The more of the medicine that is taken, the higher the incidence of these complications appears to be.