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In the clinic we see many clients who suffer from bone problems, fractures, breaks, osteopenia and osteoporosis. It is interesting that some of my clients don't take the traditional medication or even calcium supplements and their bone density shows improvement. How can that be? Matching homeopathics to their symptoms helps their body to repair itself. An interesting study of homeopathic medicines on bone remineralization in chickens confirms this point. Read on.

I recall years ago when my son had a small surgery, he awoke from anesthetic in a panic and he started to swing at us! He didn't know where he was and totally became upset. I wished I was a homeopath back then! An interesting french study, found that homeopathy can help with post operative agitation and pain, read more

When my children or I get a toothache or any ailment, I reach for homeopathic medicines first. My ten year old has never had an antibiotic or drug in his life. He is lucky to have a homeopathic mama. Recently I had a toothache, that was quite a doozy! I used a few remedies for relief, one of which was mentioned in this study, have a look, two common remedies, arnica and hypericum show definate benefit with dental pain and neuralgia. Read on.

Safety and compliance of a complex homeopathic drug (Contramutan N Saft) in the treatment of acute respiratory tract infections: A large observational (non-interventional) study in children and adults focussing on homeopathy specific adverse reactions versus adverse drug reactions. READ ON

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This study compares results of medical doctors who practice both homeopathy and pharmaceutical medicine for upper respiratory tract infections. It appears that homeopathy provides equal results without the side effects of drugs. READ ON

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An interesting article discusses how telomeres shorten as we age. When they are longer our telomeres protect our dna from damage and extend life. This article highlights some research findings on those with higher amounts of vitamins and telomere length. READ ON

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An interesting article written about the UK allowing homeopathics to be dispensed for psychiatric diseases. Our clinic thinks this is great because psychiatric drugs may be necessary in some cases, they have a lot of unwanted side effects such as suicidal ideation, violent aggression, nightmares and hallucinations just to name a few. This article mentions that they don't know of any studies showing homeopathy has an affect on psychiatric illnesses,

"Theresa May has announced that homeopathic medicine will receive a specific exemption from the government’s new law banning psychoactive substances, despite a shortage of scientific evidence that homeopathic medicine actually has any psychoactive effect."

In fact we found a number of studies published in the NICM journals on homeopathy for common psychological illnesses. Homeopathy is difficult to study because one does not get the same remedy in each case of illness, it is based on one's symptoms. That variable makes it hard to control for a scientific study. If ten patients get 10 different medicines at different potencies, it is tough to fall into the scientific guideline for constitutional treatments.

Thank goodness the UK hospitals have not banned homeopathy's use. It is safe and gentle, has no side effects and can help the patient on a deeper level than a suppressive drug. The best thing about homeopathy is that it can be used in conjunction with allopathic medications.

Here are a few studies we have come across:

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A great excerpt from

If you look for food sources of Vitamin D, you will learn that fatty fish and eggs are the best bets. This vitamin and hormone is essential to the body for so many reasons, from helping to carry messages to the brain and lowering the risk of heart disease to building strong bones and teeth. It is now widely accepted that vitamin D exerts multiple roles of in the human body through vitamin D receptors (VDR), and therefore Vitamin D has many functions including antipoliferative effects on vascular smooth muscle, immune modulation, stimulating release of inflammatory cytokines and modulates renin-angiotensis-aldosterone system. READ ON

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