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The Caruso Homeopathy Blog

Homeopathic medicines are great to keep on hand for instances of acute problems like food poisoning symptoms. The most common remedy I use in my practice is called Arsenicum Album. Its symptoms cover diarrhea accompanied by anxiety. One needing this remedy would be restless and desire small sips of drinks. There is a great weakness in people needing this remedy.

For symptoms of shellfish allergies, try URTICA URENS, unless on is anaphylactic, and then use an EPI pen or call 911. Urtica is useful for severe itching and hives from shellfish or strawberries. Also the remedy HOMARIS is good in particular for lobster sensitivities.

For symptoms of projectile vomiting, with diarrhea use VERATRUM ALBUM. It also suits the symptoms of weakness, cold sweats especially across the brow.

If you need acute help with homeopathy, please contact us to book an appointment for a homeopathic tune up.

Homeopathy is suited to a person's symptoms of disease, not the disease name itself, but fainting is a loss of consciousness which should be investigated thoroughly by a doctor although typically a benign condition. An interesting book by Edward Shalts MD, D. Ht called "The American Institute of Homeopathy Handbook for Parents" mentions three remedies for fainting, although there are at least 50 in our repertory.

  • Carbo Veg. is a remedy that is appropriate for fainting where a child needs constant fanning and is improved by fresh air.
  • Chamomilla is a remedy for fainting from severe pain.
  • Coffea Cruda is a remedy for fainting from joy or excitement.

If you need help with homeopathy, please contact us to book an appointment for a homeopathic tune up.

I work a full week, doing what I love, helping people regain health and vitality using homeopathy. Many people ask me what I do and they have no idea what homeopathy is. I typically see a follow up patient every hour or if they are new, their visit would be one and a half hours. Why I love my job is that homeopathy is so individualized that it takes a persons unique symptoms into consideration. Each person that comes gets a remedy based on their symptoms. This is an odd concept for people, they are always asking can I treat XY or Z disease. I do treat people with disease symptoms, but I base their remedy on their symptoms, rather than a disease name.

It is interesting that some people would never consider homeopathy for this or that condition. They just don't know that homeopathy is a complete and total medicine onto itself and it can stand alone without any other system of medicine's help. What I love most about my job? When I find that one remedy that is the best fit for a person, and all it took was these tiny pellets under the tongue to clear away their symptoms. In 17 years, the magic of the minimum dose never ceases to amaze me.

If you need acute or chronic help with homeopathy, please contact us to book an appointment for a homeopathic tune up.

Interestingly a study of 4700 diabetic patients found that they were low in vitamin D. Interestingly some people with poor liver function are low in vitamin D as well because it is a fat soluble vitamin and being low in bile from the liver, inhibits one's vitamin D absorption. Another issue at hand could be that those with diabetes may not be as active as other people, and have less sun exposure. Read more on the study, click here.

A recent study, published in the JAMA, of 544 volunteers, who reported their dietary habits weekly for four years, found that eating fish and other seafood at least once a week helps to lower the risk of alzheimer's disease. 286 participants volunteered for a brain biopsy after death. The tissue samples found that despite having higher amounts of mercury in the brain due to fish consumption, less markers of parkinson's disease were presents such as lewy bodies and other pathological signs. Even people with the ApoE4 genotype which leads to a higher incidence of parkinson's, benefited from higher fish constumption.

JAMA, 2016: 315 (5): 489-97

A homeopathic complex, prepared in Brazil called "M1" was adminisitered to mice in an interesting study. M1 is a homeopathic medicine that has immunostimulatory properties. Interestingly mice who were treated with the M1 as opposed to those treated with a placebo, found that it was efficient at reducing pulmonary metastasis and melanoma.

Source: "Inhalation therapy with M1 inhibits experimental melanom development and metastasis in mice" Andreade et al, Homeopathy, (2016) 105, 109-118

An interesting study found that the homeopathic medicines S. officionalis 9CH, Calcarea Carb 30CH and Tricalcarea 4CH improve bone tropism in chickens. 

Source: "Bone computed tomography mineral content evaluation in chickens: effects of substances in homeopathic concentration", Canello et al, Homeopathy (2016), 105, 92-96

An interesting study called "Open Label observational study of the homeopathic complex medicine passiflora compose for anxiety and sleep disorders", by Villet et al, published in the journal Homeopathy, found that out of 639 patients many responded well to homeopathic treatment. 85.4% of them suffered with anxiety and 74% had anxiety with sleep disturbance. Both anxiety and sleeplessness improved significantly in patients included in this study. The results suggest the this complex may be a viable option to psychotropic medications.

~

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, such as Ibuprofen, have been a long-time trusted pain-killer for those who especially suffered from arthritis and muscular aches, including menstrual cramps. However, scientific literature has been available since 2005 that says that Ibuprofen may not be as safe as once thought. Numerous studies have linked the popular over-the-counter pain relief aid to cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and other health maladies, including bleeding gastric ulcers and gastritis. The more of the medicine that is taken, the higher the incidence of these complications appears to be.

It is facinating to me that the Swiss have a similar health care model to Canada and they include homeopathy and other alternative medicines in their public health care spending dollars. In Canada our health care budget is bursting at the seams because our government is using the most expensive form of medicine that focuses on expensive drugs that have many side effects and surgerical procedures. I would love our government to embrace natural medicine and save people's health and our tax payers pocketbooks. Here is an interesting link that many people are turning to homeopathy for just this reason. Read on