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Welcome to Winter, Time to Shovel and Get Musculoskeletal Woes!

     Moving the snow in Canada can be a tough job. Many people develop aches and pains from this task. Luckily homeopathic remedies can help. Single homeopathics are suited to someone's unique symptom picture.

     Rhus tox is good for when someone strains their tendons or muscles or back. They call it a wry back. They feel stiff and aching but better once they get moving. Rhus tox types feel worse for cold and damp weather.

     Ruta is a good remedy for injuries to tendons and cartilage, such as knees, wrists and ankles. It helps when someone over strains their joints and feels lame afterwards and bruised.

     Arnica is an excellent all round remedy for injuries and wounds. It helps reduce inflammation and speeds the healing process. Arnica types find it hard to get comfortable in one spot whilst they sleep.

     Mag Phos is a remedy that is excellent for muscular strains and neuralgic pains. Muscles may spasm or cramp. They call mag phos homeopathic aspirin, because it does such a good job for pain relief. This remedy tends to like heat for soothing their pains.

     Trauma are is a homeopathic complex made by Homeocan. This remedy contains most of the homeopathic remedies for acute injuries in one. This is good in a pinch when you cannot find the single remedy that matches your symptoms.

     Most homeopathics are found in a health food store, in a 30CH potency. Follow the directions on the package, and set them aside when you feel better.

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