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Homeopathic medicine for the symptoms of gout

Homeopathic medicines are a very safe and gentle way to help with the symptoms of gout. The medicines are suited to someone's unique set of symptoms rather than a disease name. However, here are a few common remedies and their indicating symptoms.

Benzoic Acid is a remedy that has arthritic joints that tend to be gouty and deformed. They feel better when urinating and may have crystals in the urine. These types tend to have gout in the knees, ankles, toes, and hands. The fingers and wrists may be deformed from gout. The right big toe is a target in types that need this remedy.

Colchicum is a very common remedy in gout cases. The joint is quite swollen, hot and cannot be touched or moved. These types feel worse at night and with slight motion. The pain may wander and go from left to right. 

Ledum is a great remedy that helps with pains that are ameliorated by cold bathing or compresses. This remedy is also good for gout symptoms that are worse at night, in bed, from heat and better for cold.

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