About Heather Caruso

Heather Caruso is a Homeopath and Holistic Nutritionist who works with people to recover their vitality and health. One of Heather’s greatest gifts is her ability to listen in a manner that makes people feel comfortable and at ease, allowing her to assess their needs to get to the root of their problems.

She is known for her practical and genuine approach to client’s health. Since 1998, Heather has applied this gift in her private practice in Guelph, Ontario, working with clients who often feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting health information, who want clear, reliable, and professional guidance. By listening and analyzing, Heather helps her clients uncover potential barriers to their health, and develops personalized plans that support the body by giving it what it needs to heal itself naturally. In cases where patients use pharmaceutical prescriptions, she helps to support them from any nutritional depletion from their medications. She offers realistic and practical advice and has over 20 years of experience.

Heather has written two books, one topped the best seller’s list. Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health and Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss can be found on Indigo or Amazon.

To book an appointment at the Caruso Clinic, please call 1 866 249 5755 or 519 827 9237. For new patients who would like a risk-free, complimentary information session, where you can ask questions about how we can help you, click here.