A Homeopathic Remedy For Constipation In Children

Many people bring their children to the clinic with constipation issues. Typically we look at the diet first to see if there are any barriers to proper elimination. Usually in children that suffer from constipation need dietary corrections to avoid eating vegetables and fruits, don’t drink enough water or focus mostly on dairy products, white flour and refined sugars. Often simply altering the diet helps. However, some kids need further support with probiotics or homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are suited to the individual’s unique symptoms. For example, Calcarea Carb is a common remedy where the stools may be large and hard, similar to Bryonia alba. Kids who need this remedy may also tend to be a bit chubby, sweat easily and have a good appetite. Bryonia on the other hand, had dry, large stools. They are very thirsty and seem to never be quenched. Lac Defloratum is a great little-known remedy for constipation, with painful laceration of the rectum, hard large stools with great straining. There is a tendency to sick headaches, poor nutrition and car sickness.Β 

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