Take Iron And Still Anemic? Some Nutritional Tips To The Rescue!

Many people take iron ongoing and are still anemic. They may have an underlying issue such as poor digestion, use of medications like antacids, not taking iron with co-factors that aid in absorption like b vitamins and vitamin C or excess menstrual flow. Low stomach acid in particular affects iron absorption. Supplementing with hydrochloric acid in these cases may be helpful for absorption. Aside from vitamins homeopathy is helpful with the symptoms of poor digestion, heavy menses and iron absorption. An example of how homeopathy is tailored to the individual for iron absorption is as follows:

  • Ferrum phos is useful to help with absorption of iron and for women who tend to be low iron
  • Aletris is useful for uterine fibroids and heavy flow leading to anemia
  • Lecithin helps to strengthen the red blood cell membrane and improve anemia
  • China off helps with fatigue after loss of blood from surgery, injury or menstrual flow

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