Homeopathic Medicine For Ingrown Toenails

A book called “Johnson’s Therapeutic Key” describes homeopathic medicines for the symptoms of ingrown toenails. He recommends to remove all pressure from the toes with ill fitting shoes. He recommends cutting into the toe nail and applying some salves. We of course recommend you go to doctor to have this done by a professional.

Dr. Johnson recommended four key medicines for the symptoms of ingrown toenails such as

Arsenicum: pains of a burning character, parts have a blackish look and emit a foul odour

Phosphorus: parts are hard and dry, with pain as if frozen, with easy bleeding

Silicea:  ingrown toe nails with offensive discharge, proud flesh, stings and burning. Sweaty and smelly feet

Sulphur: thin, shining, swelling of the toes, parts suppurate, proud flesh springs up which is tender and painful

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