Homeopathy For The Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse

As you may or may not know, homeopathy is suited to an individual’s symptoms, not a disease name. Homeopaths match a person’s unique symptoms to a remedy. If you don’t fit the picture of the remedies mentioned herein or you have a more complicated case, seek the help of a trained homeopath.

For those who are dependent on alcohol, it can create a great rift in their professional career and family life. Homeopathic remedies can help with the symptoms of alcohol dependence. An example of some remedies that can cover the symptoms of dependence are mentioned herein:

  • Aurum Met. is useful for hypochondriacal drunkenness. They desire alcohol and are depressed from business failure or financial losses.
  • Carduus Mar. is a good remedy for alcohol abuse especially beer, causing cirrhosis of the liver and water retention. They feel nausea and tend to have loose clay-like stools.
  • Nux Vomica is useful for those who overwork, overindulge in food and alcohol. They tend to have a fiery irritable temperament who are sedentary.

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