Homeopathic Medicine For The Symptoms Of Gingivitis

As you may or may not know, homeopathy is suited to an individual’s symptoms not a disease name. Homeopaths match a person’s unique symptoms to a remedy. If you don’t fit the picture of the remedies mentioned herein or you have a more complicated case, seek the help of a trained homeopath. Gingivitis is thought to be caused by poor dental hygiene, smoking, alcoholism and mouth bacteria. Some people have no issues and their gums recede. It is important to head these symptoms off before they progress because skin grafts and loss of teeth may happen over time.

Some people who suffer from gingivitis may be deficient in vitamin C. It can cause bleeding and sore gums. Homeopathic remedies are suited to one’s unique symptom picture. A few common remedies for gingivitis are:

  • Mercurius Cor. is suited to symptoms of swollen gums, red, spongy and ulcerated. They are tender and bleed easily. The gums are detached from the teeth and may be infected.
  • Kreosotum, is a remedy for inflamed gums that are ulcerated, bluish red, soft and spongy. They bleed easily and may contain a dark watery fluid.
  • Belladonna is useful for very painful swelling of the gums, especially on the right hand side. The gums may be ulcerated, bleed, feel burnt and are itchy.

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