An Interesting Study On Hypertension And Homeopathic Medicine

Recently I have completed an advanced course in homeopathy for cardiology which taught us how to use single homeopathics and tinctures to improve the patient’s symptoms. We have seen excellent results in those who have taken treatment for a variety of health issues. I came across a study that found that using single homeopathic remedies, that are matched to one’s symptoms was 25% more effective than the use of a placebo.

Campistranous, Lavout JL., et al. Hypertension Trial, Boletin Mexicano, 1999, 32, 42 – 47. 68 people suffering from mild to moderate hypertension were enrolled in a double-blind randomized clinical trial comparing individualized homeopathic therapy with placebo. Successful results were obtained with 82% of those using homeopathy compared with 57% of those using placebo.

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