What’s A Day In My Homeopathy Clinic In Guelph?

I work a full week, doing what I love, helping people regain health and vitality using homeopathy. Many people ask me what I do and they have no idea what homeopathy is. I typically see a follow up patient every hour or if they are new, their visit would be one and a half hours. Why I love my job is that homeopathy is so individualized that it takes a persons unique symptoms into consideration. Each person that comes gets a remedy based on their symptoms. This is an odd concept for people, they are always asking can I treat XY or Z disease. I do treat people with disease symptoms, but I base their remedy on their symptoms, rather than a disease name.

It is interesting that some people would never consider homeopathy for this or that condition. They just don’t know that homeopathy is a complete and total medicine onto itself and it can stand alone without any other system of medicine’s help. What I love most about my job? When I find that one remedy that is the best fit for a person, and all it took was these tiny pellets under the tongue to clear away their symptoms. In 17 years, the magic of the minimum dose never ceases to amaze me.

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