Homeopathic Medicines For Symptoms Of Food Poisoning

Homeopathic medicines are great to keep on hand for instances of acute problems like food poisoning symptoms. The most common remedy I use in my practice is called Arsenicum Album. Its symptoms cover diarrhea accompanied by anxiety. One needing this remedy would be restless and desire small sips of drinks. There is a great weakness in people needing this remedy.

For symptoms of shellfish allergies, try URTICA URENS, unless on is anaphylactic, and then use an EPI pen or call 911. Urtica is useful for severe itching and hives from shellfish or strawberries. Also the remedy HOMARIS is good in particular for lobster sensitivities.

For symptoms of projectile vomiting, with diarrhea use VERATRUM ALBUM. It also suits the symptoms of weakness, cold sweats especially across the brow.

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