Homeopathic Medicine To Help With Lactation

Homeopathic medicine is a safe and gentle alternative for nursing mothers whose breast milk is too little. There are quite a few great remedies to increase milk production and they are based on a person’s unique symptoms. A few remedies that are helpful are listed below:

  • Ignatia is indicated when the mother feels emotionally drained with a new baby. They may be weepy and emotional. They feel stressed due to family discord.
  • Pulsatilla includes nursing problems such as swollen breasts that cause pains that shift from here to there such as in the chest, shoulders, neck, armpits. These mothers may also be weepy and chilly types who like consolation.
  • Alfalfa MT is a good nutritive tonic for breast milk.
  • Bryonia is useful for hot painful mastitis that impedes milk flow. These types cannot bear to be touched or have the breast move when it is inflamed.

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