Caruso Homeopathic Clinic


  • People who long to feel energized, healthy, happy and pain free
  • Those who are seeking a safe, effective and natural solutions
  • Those who want suggestions on how to eat for good health.
  • Those who are overwhelmed and confused by all of the health information out there and want reliable, professional guidance
  • Those whose health problems are more functional and are getting the run around because your medical community has not diagnosed you with a “treatable” disease yet
  • Those who feel frustrated with their current state of health and are feeling that their current treatment is not working for them
  • Those who may want to work with their medical doctor and use natural remedies to aid in side effects


If you saw yourself in our list of who we can treat, we can help. We offer one on one personal consultations where you will be given the tools and care to get to the bottom of your health issues naturally. We help you by treating your unique symptoms.

Update: At this time we are not accepting new clients. If you have been in before and it has been a few years, we consider that a new client.

For the past 20 years, the Caruso Clinic in Guelph Ontario, offers holistic, caring and effective health care.