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Interestingly, many young people have hair loss early in life. Women may lose hair too, and suffer from baldness. A variety of factors cause hair loss, such as nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, male pattern balding and stress. Homeopathic medicine can address and improve symptoms of hair loss by matching remedies to a person's unique needs. For example, the remedy sepia is useful for hair loss during pregnancy and natrum mur is a remedy for hair loss from grief and stress. Interestingly, homeopathic topical formulas have been found quite effective in the clinic and hair regrowth often occurs after 3 months.

If you have symptoms you would like addressed homeopathically, contact us for a free get acquainted chat. Click here.

Homeopathic remedies can help with the health of the eye and improve symptoms of conjunctivitis. As you may know, homeopathic remedies are suited to one's unique symptom picture, not a disease name. Thus the remedy mentioned herein may not suit your symptoms, and if so, consider consulting a registered homeopath for guidance. One example of a great homeopathic remedy called Euphrasia. This remedy is very common for the symptoms of conjunctivitis. Is is good in the first stage, that occurs from exposure to cold. The conjunctiva is reddened and vesicles are enlarged. Tissues are loose and bruised. The eye secretions are at first watery and slight and then progress to milky and purulent.

If you end up in the emergency room with a heart attack, make sure you insist on a 2 cc injection of magnesium sulfate.

In double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific study, they looked at 273 patients who were admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. The study published in one of the most prestigious medical journals revealed that after 4 weeks, the people who received the magnesium, only 7% died versus 19% who did not get the magnesium. That means magnesium cut the death rate a walloping 63%.

What was interesting is the fact that the study indicated that the people in the study were given far less than the 2 cc of magnesium recommended above.

Furthermore, the injection of magnesium decreased arrhythmias by 55%. Remember having a heart arrhythmia is one issue doctors are seriously concerned about following a heart attack.

In another study in the same medical journal approximately ten years later revealed that magnesium produced a 24% reduction in the number of deaths in one month after the heart attack.

Besides the proven benefits for victims of a heart attack, another study showed people who were given IV magnesium had a 76% reduction in death from a fatal blood clot. And by the way this same study showed that aspirin made no difference.

It is in your best interest to insist that your doctor check your magnesium levels. However, don't settle for the serum magnesium commonly ordered by most physicians. This test only evaluates the extracelluar magnesium which makes up only 1% of the magnesium in your body. You want your doctor to order the gold standard "intracellular magnesium test" which gives you the “real” picture of your level of magnesium in your body.

Your best protection is to keep your magnesium level high enough to possibly prevent having a heart attack in the first place. Considering that government studies show the average American diet only provides 40% of the magnesium that we need in a day, your best protection against a heart attack is to keep your magnesium level high enough. The best absorbed form of magnesium I've seen in 31 years is Magnesium Chloride Solution 200 mg/cc, and use half teaspoon once or twice a day.

Source FMU, functional medicine university.

So many people come to me for help with losing weight and belly fat. There is a lot of research on thyroid function and imbalances in the hormone leptin interfering with weight and fat loss. Read more.

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Many clients have been asking if homeopathy is covered. It depends on your plan. Speak to your human resources and the insurance company to request coverage. You can also forward your information to the Ontario Homeopathic Association to ask them to discuss with your carrier and attempt to negotiate coverage if your claim has been denied.

Interestingly, the Swiss are covered for alternative health in their public health care spending dollars. Canada has a similar public health structure that Switzerland does. Read more about the debate from skeptics about their coverage.

It is interesting how many people require the use of a C PAP machine to sleep due to sleep apnea. There is some concern over long term use of this device causing damage to the lung due to a continual air blowing into them every night. Yet the side effects from sleep apnea have been noted as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and depression. An interesting article highlights a few remedies for the symptoms of sleep apnea, read on

An extroidinary number of young adults suffer from depression. It can be linked to a poor diet, lack of sleep and physical activity. The pressures on teens to be 'on' with social media and electronics, takes away from that personal connection we have with human beings. Homeopathy is an excellent tool for these people because it is safe and gentle. Remedies have no side effects, but are strong enough to be very effective, because they are tailor suited to the individual's symptoms. If you would like more information about how we can help, book a free get acquainted chat with us, click here.

Source: FNB News,

The natural healing power and goodness of black rice has been very well noted in modern times. Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin E, fibre, and valuable anti-inflammatory properties, this special rice is truly remarkable in its abilities. What’s really incredible about Black Rice is the fact that it contains even more antioxidants (per serving) than blueberries; which are famous for their anti-ageing properties. The main thing that separates Black Rice from all the other varieties of rice is its amazingly strong antioxidant properties; which come from its pigment. This is the same type of pigment found in other types of antioxidant rich foods such as the many varieties of berries. Black Rice has been eaten in regions of Asia for thousands of years; in fact for centuries it was reserved for only Chinese royalty. Today this type of rice is picking up in popularity and popping up in more health food stores across the US, Australia, and Europe, as people discover the numerous health benefits that whole grain black rice has to offer. In ancient times, Chinese Emperors reserved this wonderfully nutty rice for their own consumption because it was thought that it would extend their lives. Black Rice does provide many health benefits that we are just finding out about now; including prevention and treatment of very serious ailments. Avoiding diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others is surely a great way to extend the length and quality of your life. In China, black rice has been known for being good for the kidneys, stomach and liver since ancient times. In addition to its healing and nutritious qualities, it would seem that Black Rice was also considered to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac at one time. It is highly likely that the Emperors down throughout the ages probably shared their Black Rice stock with their consorts or concubines. Read more

Homeopathy is suited to a number of symptoms a person may have. Here are a few symptoms that may suit low back pain and the corresponding remedy:

Rhus Tox: stiffness of the back, painful on attempting to rise and getting moving. A bruising or burning pain that is worse from damp and cold. Better for continued motion.

Phytolacca: stiffback in the morning on rising and in damp weather, weak and dull pain in the kidney region, aching pains in the lumbar region, streaking up and down the spine into the sacrum.

As one can see homeopathy is suited to one's unique symptoms. If you suffer from lumbago, contact us for a one on one homeopathic tune up.

A remedy mentioned in Jahr's book called "General and Special Therapeutics of Mental Diseases and Psychical Disorders" in 1857, was nitric acid. It was mentioned as good for symptoms of dysthymia, which is depression. The symptoms are as follows:

  • gloomy sorrowful and dejected
  • tearfulness
  • profound lowness of spirits
  • frequent sorrowful thoughts about a past occurence
  • anxiousness with palpitation of the heart
  • dread of contentions, quarrels
  • fearfuness
  • discouraged, despair ad dread of approaching dissolution
  • disgust for life with longing for death
  • indifference, want of sympathy, joylessness
  • disinclined to talk

Homeopathic remedies are matched to a person's symptoms. If someone has symptoms of dysthymia, seek the help of a professional homeopath.

An interesting case study from a book published in 1857, called "General and Special Therapeutics of Mental Diseases and Psychical Disorders" by GHG Jahr and John M Galloway speaks of the remedy called "Ignatia". Its principle sphere of action, is depression caused by grief and sorrow, which at any time can change to exhaltation and vice versa.... joyless melancholy wit senseless staring at an object, great dislike of conversation. Internal grief and gnawing sorrow, with sighing and vexation, great anxiousness about the heart, tendency to be easily frightened.

In the clinic, we usually look at certain remedies to target liver function. Homeopathic remedies may be chelidonium, phosphorus or carduus marinarus. Herbs maybe milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion or supplements like NAC  or vitamin E. This great little article recommends a few foods for fatty liver, read more

Dr. Jahr writes in his book called "40 Years Practice", the following:

Increased appetite and canine hunger, calc. and lyc. and no less silic. have shown themselves the most efficient remedies in my hands, likewise ver. alb. for excessive hunger after typhus. For the voracious appetite not exactly canine hunger, which torments people who are otherwise healthy, derived the best use from china, cina, verat. alb., and sometimes mec, sep and sulphur. For attacks of nocturnal hunger china is likewise an excellent remedy. If such attacks are accompanied by waterbrash and nausea, no medicine surpasses silic. and in children calc.