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In 2015 the sales of herbs in pharmacies alone, hit 566 million and homeopathic medicine both prescribed and over the counter hit 269 million dollars in sales. Read more.

This doesn't account for sales in other stores like health food stores or online. Our European countries have something right when they include alternative medicine in their health spending dollars.

Many clients have been asking if homeopathy is covered. It depends on your plan. Speak to your human resources and the insurance company to request coverage. You can also forward your information to the Ontario Homeopathic Association to ask them to discuss with your carrier and attempt to negotiate coverage if your claim has been denied.

Interestingly, the Swiss are covered for alternative health in their public health care spending dollars. Canada has a similar public health structure that Switzerland does. Read more about the debate from skeptics about their coverage.

It is interesting how many people require the use of a C PAP machine to sleep due to sleep apnea. There is some concern over long term use of this device causing damage to the lung due to a continual air blowing into them every night. Yet the side effects from sleep apnea have been noted as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and depression. An interesting article highlights a few remedies for the symptoms of sleep apnea, read on

The homeopathic remedy, arnica is often used for bumps and bruises to speed healing. Its applications can be extended to the symptoms osteoarthritis pain. One study found it useful for osteoarthritis of the knee. Read on

In the clinic we tailor suit remedies to the patient's unique symptoms and may use arnica as an adjunct to a constitutional remedy.

Recently I have completed an advanced course in homeopathy for cardiology which taught us how to use single homeopathics and tinctures to improve the patient's symptoms. We have seen excellent results in those who have taken treatment for a variety of health issues. I came across a study that found that using single homeopathic remedies, that are matched to one's symptoms was 25% more effective than the use of a placebo.

Campistranous, Lavout JL., et al. Hypertension Trial, Boletin Mexicano, 1999, 32, 42 - 47. 68 people suffering from mild to moderate hypertension were enrolled in a double-blind randomized clinical trial comparing individualized homeopathic therapy with placebo. Successful results were obtained with 82% of those using homeopathy compared with 57% of those using placebo.

Homeopathic medicines are excellent to help reduce the side effects from cancer treatments, such as rashes, pain and redness from radiation burns and nausea from chemotherapy drugs. Best of all homeopathic medicines don't interfere with the treatments, where as some herbs and supplements do.

 An interesting study done by Dr. Peter Fisher, the homeopath to the British Royal Family, found that two remedies, Traumeel mouthwash and calendula were effective in the treatment of the symptoms of .... read more