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About Heather

Heather CarusoFor the past 20 years I have been in private practice in Guelph Ontario, helping people treat their health issues using nutrition, homeopathy and supplements. I am a registered homeopath, nutritionist and best selling author. My book "Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health" topped the best-sellers list. My second book, "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss" has helped hundreds of people learn what their unique barriers are to trimming down, how to eat for life for life.

I have completed many courses in homeopathy. I graduated from the Homeopathic College in Canada over 20 years ago. The founder of our college was trained by the great George Vithoulkas. We had an in depth 3 year course with 1200 hours of clinical experience. Since then I have never stopped studying, homeopathy, nutrition or herbal medicine. I have done in depth homeopathic courses on cardiovascular health, women's health, autoimmune disease, drainage and detox, neurological conditions, childhood illness (autism and ADHD), cancer and the list goes on. I have also learned from some of the great minds of homeopathy like Michel Bouko Levy, Dr. Farohkh Master, Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan, Dr Jose Isaac, Phillip Bailey, Will Taylor, Robin Murphy, Jeremy Sherr, Jan Sholton and many more. In 2016 I traveled to India to watch homeopaths work in a busy clinic setting. I feel in awe of and have a huge sense of gratitude to our lovely host and most experienced homeopath. She was so gracious, giving, helpful and always pleasant. I deeply love homeopathy and I always use that as my first course of treatment with clients. I find it helps patients heal deeply, gently and without side effects.  I also have deep knowledge of herbal medicine, mother tinctures, food, nutrition, mineral and vitamin supplements.

In a nutshell, in the clinic I use a one on one targeted approach to identify a person's unique health requirements and biochemistry. Using this information we help our patients reclaim their health, vitality and/or waistline. I use a very down to earth, realistic approach to health and I work with a person's wishes to help them achieve their goals. I can honestly say I love my job because in the Caruso Clinic amazing things happen!

My life is balanced between being a mom of two boys, my practice and study. I do have a bachelor of science from the University of Toronto in addition to my homeopathic and nutrition training. In my spare time I love to read the latest research on supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy and diet and their effect on prevention or resolution of disease. I also love cooking whole foods and sweating at the local Y.

My Beginnings

Hal and EvanThis story is near to my heart. Let me tell you why I got into natural medicine. 25 years ago my husband developed a rare autoimmune kidney disease after he did a bone marrow transplant. He was told that within five to ten years he would need a kidney transplant or dialysis. If he got the transplant, there would be no guarantee that the immune system would not destroy his new kidneys either. Although his nephrologist was the best in his field, he didn't address any root problems, diet or barriers to good health. We were very thankful for him but we felt something was missing. The only course of action offered was long term drug therapy and after five years dialysis. One can imagine how awful it was to hear this news. Needless to say, we thought long and hard about his condition.

This negative news influenced my decision to get into natural medicine. I felt that people should have the best of both worlds, a proactive natural approach and western medicine. After 27 years, my sweetheart still has his own kidneys and no dialysis. 

It may be easier not make any effort or sacrifice to change our ways. I think most people will agree that life is worth living. We all want our days spent enjoying good health, having energy, enjoying our family and being pain free. Life must and can be lived well!

What Sets Our Clinic's Care Apart?

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While many other clinics have not succeeded in staying in practice, the Caruso Clinic has been serving Guelph for 20 years. What sets our clinic apart is my constant desire to improve and strive for excellence. In addition to a Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto and training in holistic nutrition and homeopathic medicine, I continue to study extensively. In fact for the past 20 years of practice I have spent one hour a day in study. My focus on learning the latest natural scientific research has helped me acquire a vast amount of knowledge on autoimmune, gastrointestinal, heart and neurological diseases, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, immune health and weight loss. Just recently I have completed an advanced training in homeopathic cardiology with a medical doctor who also used homeopathy in a hospital setting. It has been a godsend for people to address their cardiovascular issues using homeopathy.

Not only do I have the long term experience and knowledge to help you, we use a unique system of screening that sets it apart from other clinics. Clients who seek our help are set up on an individualized program of care based on our tools in practice. Although each person is cared for differently, we determine which type of screening would be deemed most useful in each case. This way we expedite healing by detecting and removing their unique barriers to health. After each person is screened, clients are given their unique health program to move them towards their goals. 

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